About POM

POM was created after talking to several business owners who admitted they didn’t understand the online marketing world and would appreciate some results-based support to maximise their inputs.

It can be daunting to find support for your business that ‘makes sense’ and by this we mean, marketing that drives a purpose to suit your individual needs, in a language that you and your teams can understand!

We came across small businesses that wanted support to get set up online, with a plan to gradually introduce more online communications, but didn’t know where to begin.

We also realised that many businesses already have a marketing team and presence online, however, didn’t know how to maximise their efforts.

From talking to larger companies we realised there was a requirement for external support to coach existing teams to keep up with the ever-evolving online space and promote new ideas for fresh and appealing content.

POM is available for small, medium and large businesses, from those that want a full strategy and implementation program, to those that would just like some help.

Please get in touch to talk through your business needs. emma@poiseonlinemarketing.co.uk

About Emma

I’m Emma Naumann, Director & Senior Online Marketing Consultant at POM.

I created POM to help all sorts of businesses maximise their efforts online, from start-ups to larger marketing teams that need some external support and insight.

I have over 20 years experience working in the leisure, tourism and events industries. I have worked with David Lloyd Clubs, Harbour Clubs, Snozone Ltd and Novus Leisure, in various capacities both in the UK and Holland.

I believe that online marketing doesn’t have to be complicated and should work with a business or individual to enhance their offering, with tangible results!

I’m not a tech geek and do not profess to understand all things digital, instead, I believe in communicating on a practical level that works with the overall business objectives.

My approach is to understand what areas of online marketing will benefit my clients and then work with them to achieve a strategy and implementation programme that is practical.

Where possible I like to engage as many team members into the process to maintain the brand and keep messages consistent both online and offline.

Based in Gloucestershire, I can travel to your business within the West Country, Midlands and London areas. For those further afield there is the option of video conferencing with meeting up as and when required.

Please get in touch emma@poiseonlinemarketing.co.uk and we can chat through how I can support your business.